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One of the important ideas described in choose the future! is understanding exponential growth. Here is a perfect opportunity to be part of putting exponential growth into useful practice!


Tell at least three people about the ideas that are presented in choose the future!, and ask them to come to choose the future! and have a look for themselves, and, if they also find that these ideas make sense and are important, to each tell three more people.


If people take a week to consider the ideas in choose the future!, and two of the three that you tell agree that the ideas are important, and each of them tell three more people about it and two of those also find it important, then at the end of three weeks seven people will have been successfully exposed to these ideas: yourself, the two that you told, and the two that they each told.


If this cycle continues, at the end of four weeks eight more people will know for a total of fifteen people; at the end of five weeks sixteen more people will know for a total of thirty-one people. This is going pretty well; but it is the nature of exponential growth to seem to take awhile to get going, so lets jump ahead a little: after only twenty weeks over one-million people will know and, only five more weeks after that at the twenty-fifth week, (which is less that six-months) more than the entire population of Australia will know!


How long, then, until the whole world knows? The whole world will know at the end of the thirty-third week! (This all assumes nobody tells anyone who already knows, which is likely at first and becomes increasingly unlikely.)


The more people that are aware of these issues and the ideas that are behind them, the more likely it is that the purpose of choose the future! will be fulfilled; so tell three people now!


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