underpinnings – supporting concepts

These pages aren't part of the main ideas of choose the future! however they provide important  information that supports the arguments and ideas of choose the future!


The topics are:


exponential growth

 Most of the issues humanity faces  involve exponential growth in some way.  To really understand the seriousness of those issues we must first understand exponential growth.


creating money

Our economic system is structured to demand growth; that economic growth has massive negative consequences.  The way we create money has a big influence on why we have economic growth and how that growth occurs.


Tragedy of the Commons

Tragedy of the Commons is a concept that intends to explain the unintended destruction of a shared renewable resource by those that use it.  Tragedy of the Commons underpins many of the issues that we face.


the human induced extinction

The sixth mass extinction is happening now much faster than any of the previous great extinctions, and humanity is causing it.


the meaning of wilderness

Wilderness is an idea that disappears when you look too closely at it, and yet it is an important idea that affects how we deal with Earth.


the consequences of resolving our energy limitations

Finding the perfect  unlimited, near costless, non-polluting energy source would solve many of our problems, but it may also be the worst thing that could happen to us until we are ready for it.


the nature of rights

Rights are a way to apply our moral ideas, ideas about what are the correct and wrong things to do.  Rights can be used to shape our world, for better or for worse.    


the value of common sense

We often think that our common sense is a good basis for making important decisions, but we need to be aware of its limitations.