How choose the future! works

There are already many websites and other sources of information that cover the same material as choose the future!; however, these sources are usually detailed, complex, and require a large commitment of time and effort to assimilate sources that are most likely to be accessed by people who already understand these issues or who are otherwise deeply interested in them.


Many people, however, are not deeply interested in these idesas at a  personal level, even though they may understand that these ideas are important, and that they should be informed about them. If you are one of those people, this website is intended for you.


In the primary pages of this website ideas are introduced  simply and concisely, presenting only the minimum information needed to explain the idea in a few hundred easy to take-in words, to give you an overview of the ideas and the connections between them so that you can be assimilate them quickly and as effortlessly as possible.


The primary pages link to secondary pages which cover some ideas in greater depth, so that you can choose to find out more about an idea if it interests you, or if you need more depth to understand it. If other people have covered the subject matter effectively in other websites and in other sources of information these sources are introduced and linked so that you can take your understanding further if you choose to.


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